What we offer


A Dementia HCG Case Manager is akin to having a family Personal Assistant for all things dementia-related. We tailor our work completely to meet your needs: our goal is to ensure that everyone in the family is living as well as possible with dementia.

1. Before you meet with a Case Manager

We would like you to answer a few questions so we can note any specific topics and questions you want to cover in the Initial Support Meeting. You can do this over the phone with us while you book your first home visit, or return a form to us by email .

Please contact us to book your first home visit

2. Initial Support Meeting

With the person with dementia
We would recommend that we begin with of our Case Managers visiting you and the family (as appropriate) at the home of the person living with dementia. The Case Manager will spend 1-3 hours getting to know the person living with dementia and any key people involved in their care.

At a later date – usually the following week – the Case Manager will meet with you again for 1-2 hours (on or off the premises as is preferred/appropriate). In this meeting you’ll go through the topics you have discussed and answers to the questions you’ve asked, along with other advice and guidance the consultant feels the family will benefit from. You’ll get everything you discuss in writing.

Carer and Case Manager one-to-one
Some carers may prefer to meet with a Case Manager alone. This is an opportunity to tell an attentive, experienced, understanding person anything that you are worried about.

You can expect the Case Manager to:

♦  answer any questions you have about dementia
 ask some questions to start to get to know you and the person living with dementia
 listen without judgement to any emotional and practical concerns you have or issues you are struggling with
♦ leave you with detailed guidance (also in writing) relating to emotional and practical care for the person living with dementia and the family

The questions and topics you may cover with the Case Manager can include, but are not limited to:

♦  finding professional carers to visit / live-in home
 understanding what dementia is
♦  what to expect when living with dementia
 discussing dementia with family and friends (of all ages), and talking to the person with dementia about the condition
♦ changes in roles and relationships
everyday activities of living (washing, dressing, etc)
 lifestyle and weekly activities and routines
 leisure activities, hobbies and interests
 personality and behaviour changes
sexual disinhibition or aggression
♦ staying physically fit, healthy and safe
 stress, emotional wellbeing and mental health
 adapting the home environment
technologies and assistive tools for daily living
 specialist interventions and models of care
 statutory services, legal rights, welfare, support and benefit schemes
♦ writing a care plan (for the family or visiting carers and practitioners) or support plan (for personal health budgets)
 Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and advance planning
 your local resources and support services
 care homes

3. Ongoing Support

Following your Initial Support Meeting, there is absolutely no obligation to book any further consultations. You may prefer to work on the suggested actions you have discussed with the consultant and get back in touch at a later time.

Whenever it suits you to discuss ongoing support, Case Managers can offer:
Arranging for and ongoing management of professional carer support (via an agency)
♦ Follow-up visits at home or at an agreed alternative venue
 Follow-up telephone/skype consultations
♦ To create a formal care plan (for the family or visiting carers and practitioners)
Bespoke training and workshops for family and friends

 Please note: the Dementia Home Consultancy Group is not a domiciliary care provider, nor are we clinicians. Our Case Managers have experience in Social Care, and specialise in dementia. 
Your Case Manager may recommend regular day or night time care from a domiciliary (home) care service, in which case they will support you to find the right carer(s) for you.
We will also source and liaise with any clinicians and professionals you need to live well with dementia

Follow-up consultations (phone/in person)
These consultations are completely bespoke, according to the needs of the person living with dementia and the family. They will include ongoing emotional and practical support and guidance along the dementia journey.

Training and workshops
These can be booked at any time following your Initial Assessment & Support Meeting.
informal one-to-one or small group sessions for you, family and friends
♦ tailored content to meet your needs
at your home (or agreed alternative venue)