Dementia Home Consultancy Group provides case management to support people living with dementia and their family and friends to flourish together. Our Case Managers source and liaise with any social and health care professionals you need to live well with dementia.

It may be that you or someone in your family has just received a diagnosis, or perhaps a few years down the line there’s something you’re struggling with. Our Case Managers are here to help alleviate any stresses or concerns by giving you expert practical and emotional support along your unique dementia journey.

We’d recommend that we begin by meeting you and your family member(s) in your home. The Case Manager will spend time getting to know you, and answer any questions you may have, from ‘what is dementia?’ and ‘what can I expect?’ through to ‘how do I stay as happy and healthy as possible?’ Take a look at ‘what we offer’ for a range of topics you may wish to discuss.

Some carers may prefer to meet with a Case Manager alone, in a setting that works for them. Whatever you’re needing, we can be flexible. We’re here to find solutions to any problems you’re facing.

You’ll decide if and what ongoing support you may want and need together with your Case Manager (with absolutely no obligation), who will remain your key contact throughout.

DementiaHCG is a social enterprise. This means that all profits are reinvested into our business to continuously help achieve our social mission.

Please get in touch, tell us your story and let’s discuss how best we can help you.
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